RIPE Partnership Pilot: Workstream to Focus on Productivity

In addition to piloting our payment program in Arkansas, Minnesota, North Dakota and Virginia, the RIPE Partnership project will include several national research workstreams. One focus area, led by Virginia Tech, will place an emphasis on integrating productivity in climate-smart program design.

As world population grows, farmers will need to feed 10 billion people by 2050 if current trends continue. To reach that goal, we must ensure that scaling climate-smart agriculture programs also increases agricultural productivity.

This project will draw on insights from Virginia Tech’s pioneering Global Agricultural Productivity Reports and monthly meetings that gather experts, producers and others to deliver recommendations on integrating productivity considerations within a climate-smart program and research agenda. Additionally, the livestock sub-pilot (discussed in our December 2022 newsletter), will test options for reducing resource inputs and optimizing productivity in animal operations.

The research, expert engagement and testing will result in recommendations for integrating productivity within the pilot and RIPE’s program design as well as identifying longer-term research and development priorities.

To learn more about the pilot project and opportunities to participate, contact us!