A Closer Look at RIPE100’s Qualifying Practices: Cover Crops (NRCS Code 340)

cover crops provide robust environmental value

RIPE’s researchers continually work to expand the set of practices that would qualify for a $100 per unit payment under the proposed RIPE100 program by collecting research that demonstrates the combined environmental value of climate-smart practices.

Here we highlight cover crops (NRCS code 340). Cover crops reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide additional environmental benefits valued at over $120 per acre per year.

We found that farmers who adopt cover crops provide over $70 in water quality benefits, over $20 in improved soil quality, $13 in water savings, and $7 in air quality benefits. They also reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 0.25 metric tons per acre, which is about $5.

Review our methodology and sources in the chart here and access our current list of proposed qualifying practices here.